HydraWrap™ FAQs

What is HydraWrap™?

HydraWrap™ is FRP repair system engineered to restore or enhance the structural integrity of pipe and infrastructure.

Where is HydraWrap™ applied?

Power generation pipelines, gas pipelines, industrial process pipelines and secondary containment.

Do we have to go offline to apply HydraWrap™?

No. External repairs can be conducted while in service.

Is there any shape limitations?

No. HydraWrap™ conforms to various shapes, not just circular.

Are there different types of HydraWrap™?

Yes. There are four unique systems: 1) Standard, 2) Acid-designed for applications with high chemical resistance, 3) High temp-provides structural repair for applications up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, 4) Potable Water-NSF approved system for the rehabilitation of potable water systems.

Who can install HydraWrap™?

HydraWrap™ is installed by our manufacturer certified contractors and supported by our technical and engineering staff. This is part of the turn-key process to ensure the best results of HydraWrap™.

What is the difference between HydraWrap™ and other repair solutions?

HydraWrap™ is a structural corrosion resistant repair, conforms to various shapes for both internal and external repairs, return to service next day, no VOCs, no hot work required, and restores maximum allowable operating pressure.