“In 2006, we tested two different materials types of similar bottom ash (BA) screen design side by side. With a switch in fuel from lignite to PRB we tested American Energy Products Boiler Armor -HT panels upon their recommendation. This was a substitute material for our inconel 601. Three years from the time of installation - the Boiler Armor -HT demonstrated that it was a viable substitute for our inconel 601 alloy. All inconel 601 and a couple of BOILER ARMOR-HT (in high impact area) were also replaced with the BOILER ARMOR-HT. But even the high impact area (BOILER ARMOR-HT) was for the most part in much better condition than the old inconel 601 panels.”

J. Mckay
A Northern Generating Facility

“We have been a customer of American Energy Products for a number of years. We knew that we were in good hands when we encountered a challenging situation in our bottom ash hopper, concerning a material failure due to a high heat and corrosive conditions. American Energy Products was not only interested in solving the problem, but that we were a satisfied customer as well. They analyzed the hopper conditions and recommended an alloy and spec that would not only solve the problem but saved us many dollars, as a direct result of their knowledge in the Industry. In doing so, they increased the life cycle of the products application - again saving us money associated with product and labor cost. American Energy Products is a performer when it comes to manufacturing on short notice. They always seem to pull the production off and have it to us in time/on site, for the outage.”

B. Roberson
A Southern Generating Facility

“On September 28, 2001 we purchased a set of BOILER ARMOR screens from American Energy Products for the bottom ash hopper of the boiler. These screens work very well as promised, and we went from taking 2 – 3 days of high pressure washing to clean our seal trough every year to 6 – 8 hours of cleaning every other year. Such an improvement – much less labor intense - dollar savings can be accounted for with this installation. Proven success! American Energy Products has displayed that they are a company of integrity, and that their products and craftsmanship are second to none. They offer a wide variety of products for the bottom ash hopper, as well as a line of specialty fabrication items. The sales personnel are very knowledgeable of their products and the Industry - allowing them the opportunity to offer solutions to challenging situations. They listen! We have found that they are also very conscience of environmental issues. They offer a 100% Bio-Degradable solvent that is used throughout the plant – that really cleans! I would highly recommend this company for your power plant maintenance needs.”

D. Huddleston
A Midwest Generating Facility

“AEP, Inc. has provided a superior product, followed up with a fast delivery times and prompt responses to my questions and concerns. I appreciated the courteous staff at AEP, Inc. They always make me feel like I am the only customer they have.”

R. Evans
A Western Generating Facility