Boiler Armor™ Provides Custom Solutions Within Utilities Industry 

Boiler Armor™ is used in the maintenance and repair of bottom ash hoppers when such problems as fly ash, weak mounting options, corrosion, warpage, and peeling develop. Bottom ash hoppers are an essential component with the boiler for collecting unburnt coal and carbon. Using coal as fuel, boilers are used to heat water into high-pressure steam. 

During operations, boilers produce bottom ash, which is comprised of traces of combustibles embedded in the waste from the combustion process, building up large deposits of waste. Which adhere to water wall tubes thus creating clinkers, which build up and fall into the bottom ash hopper. Operators manually engage the clinker grinder 3 times within a 24 hour period, sleuthing debris into ash ponds or sent through a dewatering process. Bottom ash is commonly stored in ash ponds by most power plants.

Properly operating boilers ensure a lower fuel requirement, lower costs, and lower emissions of pollutants, such as greenhouse gases. []  Subsequently, AEP designed Boiler Armor™ Flexible Mesh Screens in order by protecting the seal skirt from radiant heat and particulates entering the seal trough, trapping the fine ash particles and sifting them down to the bottom hopper of the boiler. Boiler Armor™ lasts longer than rigid materials and prevents any warpage or premature peeling, ensuring the highest coverage of protection from the seal trough and seal skirt. Offering three times the life span of standard OEM equipment. 

Boiler Armor™ helps minimize undesirable by-products that pollute the environment.

American Energy Products, Inc (AEP) offer engineering, technical, and manufacturing services for each product line. Unlike the standard radiant shields used in OEM’s equipment, our Boiler Armor™ provides cost-effective solutions to the utility industry that keep facilities online and operational.

  • Boiler Armor™ Flexible Mesh Screens offer the following advantages:
  • Replace hard-to-use wire cloth and plate
  • Easy installation, saving time and money
  • Increase durability for extended life
  • Trouble-free access to seal trough, and more.

The bottom ash components you choose for your bottom ash handling systems are important. Utility companies consistently look for cost-effective solutions and products to efficiently handle high-temperature boiler ash. Bottom ash needs to be cooled and/or processed before it can be transported from the power plant. Our high-quality bottom ash Boiler Armor™ can be customized to fit your current equipment. American Energy Products custom manufactures two bottom ash components, BASS™ Bottom Ash Seal Skirt and Boiler Armor™ Flexible Mesh Drip Screen as a method of enhancement for a challenging environment.

The BASS™ Bottom Ash Seal Skirt has an exclusive patent-pending corrugated design and requires no field fabrication. The BOILER ARMOR™ Flexible Mesh Drip Screen is a durable, easy-to-use and install replacement for traditional wire cloth and plate. American Energy Products is here to help you select the right bottom ash components to fit your bottom ash handling systems.

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