Hydrawrap is a fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) system, which consists of carbon fiber aramids, or fiber glass, depending on the application type. It is engineered to provide reinforcement to the original piping structure by chemical and corrosion resistance repair. Our Hydrawrap is not a Band-Aid solution as other pipe repair products, it is a long term fix. Hydrawrap scopes are typically anywhere from 16 linear ft. to limitless runs. The Carbon fiber fabric is supplied in different widths, weaves, and weights to meet the proper application and structural requirement for each unique installation. Hydrawrap requires no hot work, and very minimal equipment and labor for installation. It is most typically used in the power generation pipelines, such as: intake and discharge lines, coal pipelines, gas pipelines, industrial process pipelines, and secondary containment.

HydraWrap ™ is not limited by its shape or construction. It is a structural corrosion resistant repair that conforms to various shapes for both internal and external repairs and comes in a variety of unique types to fit the repair environment. HydraWrap ™ can conform to your needs.

  1. Standard,
  2. Acid-designed for applications with high chemical resistance,
  3. High temp-provides structural repair for applications up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit,
  4. Potable Water-NSF approved system for the rehabilitation of potable water systems.

HydraWrap ™ is installed by our manufacturer certified contractors and supported by our technical and engineering staff. This is part of the turn-key process to ensure the best results.

  • True structural repair, restores Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP)
  • Provides reinforcement in combination with a chemical and corrosion resistant repair
  • Proprietary 3-part engineered system and installation method
  • Compliant and designed for various standards and regulations including DOT, ISO and NSF/ANSI61
  • Application - Power generation pipelines, gas pipelines, industrial process pipelines, secondary containment, penstock lines