Bottom Ash Seal Skirt – BASS™

Our Patent pending BASS™ corrugated seal skirt is unique in the design of the corrugations profile. The BASS™ was designed to combat issues within the bottom ash hopper, such as poor expansion/ contraction, mounting, waterline corrosion and stress cracking issues at mount point. Our BASS™ is custom designed for each unit, by calculating the ideal pounds per square inch, which results in superior expansion and strength. The BASS™ has a corrugation profile that’s unique in that the flat side of corrugation faces the hot side of the unit. Thus preventing the interior of the seal from becoming hinged on the trough wall - when cycling load. Our exclusive design provides added strength, stability, and expansion for a longer life cycle.

Attack the most aggressive situation in offering a Doubler Plate at the air/gas interface to combat corrosion. Additionally, we engineered an option to combat corrosion utilizing our exclusive Nano Coating, at the waterline on the hot and cold sides of seal. The coating is an ‘in shop’ application to ensure optimum penetration and complete coverage. American Energy has increased the life cycle of failing seal in extreme environments by three-fold. 

BASS™ is typically manufactured in 8’ (left to right) section for ultimate raw material utilization, thus a cost saving. BASS™ is available in a wide range of alloys, and thickness’s. Custom mounting assemblies come pre-attached to the panels ensuring panels are mount/seal ready, for quick installation. Save man-hours and labor with our custom fit, ready to install BASS™ corrugated seal skirting.

  • Exclusive patent pending corrugated design
  • Cost effective - no field fabrication necessary
  • Replaces dated OEM V-notch, flat plate or flimsy corrugated styles of dip seal plate

**Note: BASS™ is custom manufactured per customer supplied dimensions and specifications.**