Utilities Engineering Services

American Energy Products, Inc provides national utilities engineering services offering customers total solutions. The utilities engineering services, assessments, manufacturing resources and capabilities of American Energy Products, Inc. enable us to be a single-source solutions provider for the power market.

Our technical staff ensures complete product support through products development, training and onsite services. American Energy’s onsite laboratory ensures product quality control and continual product development that drives the advancement of technologies to meet new challenges.

We provide a full range of utilities engineering solutions from problem identification to rehabilitation. Our technical and engineering department offer support for each product line.

Strategic Technical Engineered Proposal (STEP)

  • Experienced professionals provide on-site evaluation and inspection
  • Waterline and boiler inspections
  • Accurate and efficient inspections for planned or forced outage
  • Engineered evaluation consists of multi-level reviews including: physical inspection, immediate recommendations, and long-term considerations
  • Physical report that includes: summary, evaluation, recommendations, and photographs from inspection
  • Report written by a certified engineer