Decades of Seasoned Experience in Servicing the Utility Industry

American Energy Products, Inc has decades of experience as an inclusive product supplier and problem solver. We provide specialized systems and infrastructure solutions through engineered products made in America.

BASS™ - Bottom Ash Seal Skirt

Our corrugated design is exclusive to AEP and is one of the most cost-effective solutions.

Boiler Armor™ - Flexible Mesh Drip Screen

Lasts longer than rigid materials without warpage or damage to the ash hopper walls.

HydraTite™ - Sealing System

Replaces existing expansion joints, without removing the original expansion joint.


Corrosion resistant, FRP repair system engineered to restore or enhance structural integrity.

Waterline Epoxy

Trenchless, reliable, in-place pipe restoration solution for pinhole leaks and breaks.

Utilities Engineering Services

Technical staff provides engineering, inspections, custom fabrication, training and more.

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Welcome to American Energy Products, Inc.

American Energy Products, Inc., headquartered in the Heartland, is a full-service engineering, manufacturing, and product fabrication company serving the utilities industry. We are dedicated to partnering with our customers. We listen and analyze so we can provide the most cost effective solutions.

American Energy Products, Inc has a superior reputation within the industry and is constantly developing products, applications and services to fit our customer's needs. Please let us know how we can be of service.


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On-Site Evaluation & Inspection

American Energy Products provides on-site evaluation and inspection to help our clients function at the highest efficiency possible and avoid critical impacts to production. Our experienced professionals understand how important even minor wear and tear can be to your facility.

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Utilities Consulting Helps Energy Companies Achieve Operational Excellence

Utilities consulting enables energy companies to become more competitive through streamlined processes, modernized infrastructures, and superior customer service, enabling companies to better meet their financial objectives. Due to energy deregulation, utility companies are struggling to stay relevant with government and social regulations putting pressure on their profit margin. In addition, high fuel costs, environmental and security…

AEP Bottom Ash Handling Systems blog

Bottom Ash Handling Systems for Utilities Industry Nationwide

Bottom ash handling systems from American Energy Products are cost-effective solutions for cooling high-temperature boiler ash. The benefits of bottom ash handling systems can help streamline energy production, cut costs, and make production facilities nationwide more environmentally friendly in the process. Power plants throughout the United States are seeing a shift from the standard sluice…

AEP Boiler Armor Mesh Screen Energy Products blog

Boiler Armor™ Provides Custom Solutions Within Utilities Industry 

Boiler Armor™ is used in the maintenance and repair of bottom ash hoppers when such problems as fly ash, weak mounting options, corrosion, warpage, and peeling develop. Bottom ash hoppers are an essential component with the boiler for collecting unburnt coal and carbon. Using coal as fuel, boilers are used to heat water into high-pressure steam. …

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