AEP, Inc. has provided a superior product, followed up with a fast delivery times and prompt responses to my questions and concerns. I appreciated the courteous staff at AEP, Inc. They always make me feel like I am the only customer they have.

R. E.

A Western Generating Facility

In 2006, we tested two different materials types of similar bottom ash (BA) screen design side by side. With a switch in fuel from lignite to PRB we tested American Energy Products Boiler Armor -HT panels upon their recommendation. This was a substitute material for our inconel 601. Three years from the time of installation - the Boiler Armor -HT demonstrated that it was a viable substitute for our inconel 601 alloy. All inconel 601 and a couple of BOILER ARMOR-HT (in high impact area) were also replaced with the BOILER ARMOR-HT. But even the high impact area (BOILER ARMOR-HT) was for the most part in much better condition than the old inconel 601 panels.

J. M.

A Northern Generating Facility

Burning high sulfur, high ash content Midwest coal had been causing multiple issues with our bottom ash seal skirts and seal trough shields. Gail and the American Energy Products Team reviewed our problems and recommended their Boiler Armor screens. We installed the first set in 2004 followed by the BASS bottom ash seal skirt in 2009. Our second unit was outfitted the same a short time later. We purchased a spare set of screens for storeroom stock, where they have since gathered dust due to the outstanding life of the original sets. The screens and seal skirts have saved O&M dollars by reducing the seal trough cleaning needs and eliminating seal skirt repairs. After 44 years of power industry experience I can attest to the problem solving skills and outstanding customer service of the AEP team and to the high quality of their products.

M. T.

A Midwest Generating Facility

I have thirty seven years of experience, working in maintenance in the power plant industry, and have worked at three different plants,  I feel confident in recommending American Energy Products to other stations across the North America region. I have used their Boiler Armor, (bottom ash drip screens) at my current station, and a previous plant I was at. We have always been pleased with the Boiler Amor, and discovered that it is superior in its quality and longevity, compared to other options we have used previously. American Energy is dedicated to forming long lasting relationships, through their knowledge and support. They offer a variety of products from boiler hand cuffs , burners to bottom ash parts that are all crafted in the USA.

B. C.

A Southern Generating Facility