Boiler Armor ™ – Flexible Mesh Drip Screen

Boiler Armor™ Flexible Mesh Screens are custom manufactured to each boilers required dimensions. Our screens replace the difficult to use OEM’s Rigid Wire Cloth, Solid Stainless Steel Plate and Castings.

Boiler Armor™ was designed to eliminate challenges within the bottom ash hopper, such as, protecting the seal skirt from radiant heat and particulates entering the seal trough.  Its three dimensional design acts as self-cleaning agent when the unit is online. Unlike the OEM’s equipment Boiler Armor™ allows for clinker impact to be absorbed upon flex, so that damage to refractory wall in vastly minimized. Additionally, trapping the fine particles and sifting them downward. There’s no need to remove Boiler Armor™ during routine maintenance – just roll it up out of the way – granting access.

Offering solutions to the most challenging environments issues: heat, corrosion, or a combination thereof, we have the staff to evaluate and recommend a proper alloy for the application. We are experienced in issues occurring with- Fly ash, weak mounting options, corrosion, warpage and peeling in standard screens. Lacing wire is included with every order of screens, its purpose is to prevent any warpage or pre mature peeling by loosely lacing all of the ends together. Boiler Armor is available in a wide range of alloys, available in either single or double ply flexible mesh to ensure the highest coverage of protection from the seal trough, and seal skirt. Our customers see a prolonged life cycle with our Boiler Armor, as opposed to the standard radiant shields used in units.

  • Replaces hard to use wire cloth and plate
  • Ease of installation–saves time and money
  • Increased durability for extended life
  • Trouble-free access to seal trough
  • Variety of alloys available
  • Custom mounting assemblies
  • Quick turn-around time

**Note: BOILER ARMOR™ is custom manufactured per customer supplied dimensions and specifications.**