HydraTite™ Sealing System for Long-Term Pipe-Joint Repair

HydraTite™ Sealing System is an engineered, internal mechanical method usually used to eliminate infiltration and pipe joint leaking around the weld joints of piping systems. Applicators, based on the pipeline data gathered, must have a good understanding of the operating conditions, including operating pressure, temperature, pipe size, and how the pipe medium should be gathered.

There are various factors that can cause weak joints in pipes, such as lack of fusion, corrosion at heat-affected zones, cracks due to heat stress, solidification, hydrogen-induced, porosity, contamination, or inclusion of slag.

With the HydraTite™ Sealing System, detailed engineering calculations, and application techniques, applicators are able to replace existing expansion joints without removing the existing expansion joint, which ultimately provides effective solutions while saving labor time and money.

AEP’s HydraTite™ Sealing System is ideal for immediate or emergency solutions, proven technology, trenchless remediation. Seals can be interlocked to form a continuous repair over long lengths of pipe, low profile ensures minimal flow loss, ease of installation, and cost savings compared to direct replacements, and seal flexibility accommodates shifting, vibration, and thermal expansion and contraction.

Pipe and joint restoration are essential to avoid facility health and safety risks. Broken pipes or ineffective expansion joints can cause inefficiencies or cause shutdowns. American Energy Products helps to prevent lost production and mitigate hazards. American Energy Products ensures that effective Hydratite™ Sealing System pipe repair and rehabilitation techniques follow international standards and guidelines in accordance with ASME PCC2 and ISO 24817 standards and requirements.

AEP provides all types of pipe and joint restoration, which can fail due to corrosion, excessive pressure, deterioration of hardware or improper installation, support or anchoring, and thermal or mechanical changes. Wear and tear, dirt, and extreme temperature variation can all contribute to a pipe and expansion joint failure. AEP will safely and efficiently complete the pipe and joint restoration to ensure your downtime is minimal if at all. 

Typically, the Hydratite™ Sealing System is applied on Bell & Spigot joints, Flanged joints, and expansion joints within the power generation pipelines, storm drain sewer systems, gas pipelines, potable water storage and distribution, and the like.

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