HydraTite™ Sealing System Provides Mechanical Remediation for Pipe Joint Repairs

The HydraTite™ Sealing System is a pipe joint repair product offered by American Energy Products, Inc. for mechanical pipe joint remediation. It is an engineered, internal mechanical repair of pipe joints to eliminate infiltration and pipe joint leaking. The product consists of a custom ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber seal, which is held in place using stainless steel retaining bands. Our certified contractors can install this solution anywhere in the U.S. or around the world to meet your operation’s pipe joint remediation needs.
No matter what type of pipe remediation you are performing, the HydraTite™offers significant advantages over other pipe joint repair products:
  • Rapid installation and return to service
  • Ideal for immediate or emergency solutions
  • Uses proven technology 
  • No digging due to trenchless remediation 
  • No hot work required
  • Can use multiple seals for a continuous repair over long lengths of pipe
  • Low profile ensures minimal flow loss
  • Ease of installation 
  • Cost savings compared to direct replacements 
  • Seal flexibility accommodates shifting, vibration and thermal expansion and contraction
 The HydraTite™Sealing System can be used within power generation pipelines, storm drain sewer systems, potable water systems storage and distribution, and gas pipelines as well as other applications. It is suitable for spigot joints, flanged joints, and expansion joints. Seals can be interlocked to span long lengths of pipe, or a backing plate can be utilized to remediate expansion. When a backing plate is used, it is held in place on one side of the joint by a third retaining band. This provides a tight seal and allows for expansion as necessary. 
Another advantage of the HydraTite™ Sealing System is repair cost, which is substantially less than other direct replacements. It is also quicker to install, taking days instead of the weeks required by other systems. It also provides a long term, economical, and efficient alternative to replacing the existing joint seal. With a fifty-year design life, the HydraTite™ Sealing System provides long-lasting service to keep your operation up and running. Since it is designed to replace existing expansion joints, there is no need to remove the original expansion joint, saving time and money.
No matter where your operation is located, American Energy Products, Inc. can provide HydraTite™ Sealing System to meet your pipe joint remediation needs. Our manufacturer-certified contractors will come to you and install the HydraTite™seal. This turn-key application is essential in ensuring proper application. Once the installation is complete, AEP will provide continuing service and support to ensure a trouble-free experience. If the HydraTite™ Sealing System seems like the right product for your utility operation, contact American Energy Products at 1-888-225-4445. Powered by solutions, we look forward to serving you.

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