Nationwide Utilities Engineering Services Provided By A Midwest Company 

American Energy Products, Inc. provides utilities engineering services across the United States. Our total solutions approach combines utilities engineering services, assessments and manufacturing resources to meet the needs of our utility customers.  
Recent severe weather events have shone a spotlight on the importance of keeping utilities up and running. Millions of customers are impacted, at great cost, when unplanned outages occur. The US Department of Energy estimates that power outages cost the U.S. Economy $150 billion per year. American Energy’s complete suite of engineering services can help your utility identify issues and resolve them before they cause an outage. 
Our Strategic Technical Engineered Proposal (STEP) methodology lets us find the right solution for your operation and your budget. STEP includes the following services:
On-site evaluation and inspection by experienced professionals
  • Waterline and boiler inspections
  • Accurate and efficient inspections for planned or forced outage
  • Engineered evaluation consisting of multi-level reviews including: physical inspection, immediate recommendations, and long-term considerations
  • Physical report that includes: summary, evaluation, recommendations, and photographs from inspection
  • Report written by a certified engineer

As a single-source solutions provider for the power market, American Energy Products, Inc. has the expertise to ensure your utility operates at peak efficiency and stability. Our engineering services department is constantly at work, driving the advancement of technologies to meet current and future challenges. The technical staff ensures complete product support from development through operations. Targeted, high-quality training programs ensure your team knows how to operate and maintain our products safely and correctly. Utilizing our custom fabrication services, we can engineer and manufacture a solution that fits the unique needs of your operation. 

If you are looking for complete, high-quality utilities engineering services anywhere in the United States, contact American Energy Products, Inc. at 1-888-225-4445 or visit our website. Powered by solutions, our team stands ready to serve you.

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