Utilities consulting firm offering services across the United States

American Energy Products, Inc. provides utilities consulting for companies all across the United States. As the recent extreme cold weather events in Texas and other states showed, it is vital for utility companies to be prepared for all kinds of conditions in order to ensure continual service to their customers. Our total solutions approach includes engineering services, assessments and manufacturing capabilities to help your utility company meet the challenges of an ever-changing market landscape. We are a single-source solutions provider for the power market.

Utilities consulting services to keep you up and running

American Energy offers a full range of services including product development, support, training and quality control. Our highly-qualified technical staff provides product support for all phases of development from inception to installation, testing and training. American Energy’s onsite research and manufacturing team provides quality control to ensure successful operations. As technology continues to advance, we provide continual product development to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Our utilities consulting solutions support customers through the entire process, from problem identification to rehabilitation. Our Strategic Technical Engineered Proposal (STEP) methodology includes the following services:

  • On-site evaluation and inspection by experienced professionals
  • Waterline and boiler inspections
  • Accurate and efficient inspections for planned or forced outage
  • Multi-level reviews including: physical inspection, immediate recommendations, and long-term considerations
  • Physical report that includes: summary, evaluation, recommendations, and photographs from inspection
  • Report written by a certified engineer

In addition to utilities consulting services, we offer our own line of products to help keep your utility operation running smoothly and with peak efficiency. Our high-quality solutions for bottom ash handling can be customized to fit your unique situation. As a full-service manufacturer, we also offer custom fabrication solutions for a wide variety of needs. Our master craftsmen can fabricate unique and specialized products using a variety of standard and exotic alloys. All of our custom products are engineered specifically to suit the requirements of your operation.

Another service we offer is pipe and joint restoration, which is essential to avoid health and safety risks in your operation as well as helping to prevent service interruptions. Corrosion, excessive pressure, extreme temperature fluctuations and normal wear and tear can all contribute to deterioration of pipes and joints. In addition to these concerns, broken pipes or problems with expansion joints can affect efficiency or cause shutdowns. Our products ensure efficient operations, while our services help prevent outages for your customers. We strive to provide restoration services with little to no downtime. 

American Energy Products, Inc. is a utilities consulting firm offering services across the United States. Contact us to receive the best in professional engineering, fabrication and restoration services. We will help you keep the energy flowing and your customers happy and comfortable.

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