Utilities Engineering Services Help Prevent Disruptions and Save On Costs

Our utilities engineering services have been provided primarily to the power industry nationwide since 2001. We are a women-owned and operated business located in Lansing, Kansas, with the knowledge and experience to provide a wide variety of cutting-edge products and specialty fabrication items that are designed to optimize performance. Our high-quality products and services have benefited numerous municipal, state, federal, manufacturing, and institutional clients all over the United States by helping to maintain safer and more reliable network environments and minimize disruptions. 

Generally, our utilities engineering services involve mechanical, fabrication, and engineering work in the operation and maintenance of electrical power plants, water systems, and more. Every company values system reliability and operating efficiency, and American Energy Products, Inc provides competent support to utilities companies. Our approach is to listen, analyze and ask the right questions in order to find the right answers, and provide cost-effective solutions. 

At American Energy Products, Inc. we provide custom metal fabrication for the utility industry. Our years of utilities engineering services have enabled us to develop and create the most appropriate, cost-effective solutions for our customers. Our master craftsmen fabricate a wide variety of unique and specialized products, including:

  • Boiler Armor
  • Bottom Ash Handling Systems
  • Hydratite Sealing System
  • Turbine basket filters
  • Traveling water screens
  • Vibration baffles
  • Precipitator hoppers
  • Pyrite hoppers
  • Tube shields
  • Burner heads, and more.

We design and deliver innovative, safe and reliable products and utilities engineering services that help energy and utilities manufacturers find complex equipment and modular construction solutions. When high reliability, shorter delivery cycles, and improved costs are essential, our solutions provide organizations with a competitive advantage.


American Energy Products, Inc has the ability to help meet utilities maintenance, engineering and service needs. As a full-service company, we offer technical, manufacturing and utilities engineering services at the best possible value to all of our customers for each product line.  Whether large or small, new construction or renovation, we excel when it comes to complex, challenging and unique solutions for power plant maintenance and to keep you online and fully operational. 

Our customers know they are in good hands when they encounter challenging situations. We analyze the situation and recommend solutions that solve the problem. As a direct result of our knowledge in the industry, we are able to increase the life cycle of the product’s application and save you money associated with product and labor costs. American Energy Products, Inc is a performer when it comes to manufacturing and utilities engineering services, with fast delivery times and prompt responses to your questions and concerns. 


American Energy Products, Inc.